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Inches (inch) to Feet (foot) Converter

Convert inches to feet. How many feet are inches? How tall are inches in feet?

Convert Inches to Feet

Formula: Divide inches with 12

How to Convert inches to feet?

Converting inches to feet is based on a simple formula of dividing inches by 12. To find out how many feet are in inches, we can use a formula:

1 inch / 12 = 0.083333333333333 feet

You may also wonder how many feet are in a inches. We need to multiply the feet with 12 to get the result:

1 feet * 12 = 12 inches

Popular inches to feet Conversions Table

Inch Foot
1 inches 0.083333333333333 feet
5 inches 0.41666666666667 feet
10 inches 0.83333333333333 feet
50 inches 4.1666666666667 feet
100 inches 8.3333333333333 feet
200 inches 16.666666666667 feet
300 inches 25 feet
400 inches 33.333333333333 feet
500 inches 41.666666666667 feet
1000 inches 83.333333333333 feet
10000 inches 833.33333333333 feet

Free Inches to Feet Excel Template

inches to feet microsoft excel xlsx mass converter

We also have a free Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) template for Excel lovers. This template will convert inches to feet and other common length units like inches and centimeters.

Download inches-to-feet-converter.xlsx (10 kb)